Trust: The most essential part of our life…

Everyone in every stage of life needs a person who can be trusted in order to share his secrets, share problems and difficulties in life, and of course taking the good advice regarding important decisions in life. It is in your truthfulness and an inner beauty that reflects into your personality and makes people realize that you’re a trustworthy person. Trust is more than a word or even a value. It is like a necessity of life. If you don’t have it, then it’s hard to live and be happy. Just imagine a world where word “TRUST” doesn’t exist, everyone will be fighting and arguing all the time. Well, trust is the most essential and the most valuable part of our life. But when should we call that a person is trustworthy? A person that believes in you, a person that has faith in you, a person who is there for you in all the difficult situations of life to support you, then that person will be surely called a true trustworthy person. Nowadays almost all the people, especially the youths share all his problems, feelings and secrets to a person they like. If you like a person, that doesn’t mean that you should share all your feelings with him; share almost all your secrets with him. Because there’s a great difference between ‘TRUST’ and ‘LIKE’. The person that you like will only listen to you and will just give away a smile. But if you share all your things with a person that trusts you and believes in you, not only he will make you feel better, he will make you feel special and significant. The person you like will always be there with you in all your happy moments in all your moments of joys. But what happens when you’re struck in a difficult or problematic situation; is the person you like there with you? There are very few chances of it that he’ll be there. But the person that believes in you; that trusts you will always be there for you; in all your wonderful moments and also in the cases where you’re tangled in difficult situations. That person will try all his best to remove you out of all the problems you’re facing. It’s up to you to recognize who’s truly a trustworthy person. Sometimes what happens, when you trust a person you expect him to be there with you in all the good/bad times. But what if that person turns around his face? You feel upset, depressed and lonely. You blame yourself. Instead of being depressed or sad, you should try to figure out that why that person did that to me? What was the reason behind turning of his face? See there are always some misunderstandings, and you only have to try to clear it out otherwise these small cracks will turn into big ones and it will broke very fast because trust takes months to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. Although it is in your hands to maintain that relationship. If this relationship goes good, then the person who believes in you and trusts you will always affect in all the aspects of life in some profound way.


Published by: Vijit Malviya

Hello twinkling stars! Welcome to Stars of Life! As we see stars in night, we learn a big lesson from them everyday. They teach us that even if you are in great darkness, you have yo keep shining bright! If suppose, there is no star in the sky, don't worry it has just hidden behind the clouds and they are waiting for you to clear it out. Like that only we have to ignite a certain star like this in our lives which has been hidden behind our soul. Its we who have to find it out and shine like a Star even in the difficult phases of our life! I hope my articles will try to help you to ignite the star within yourself which you are searching. So, Stay Happy and Stay Calm! For any queries and for motivation public speaking sessions, contact me at Mobile number - 9503195963 (WhatsApp Only) Email -

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8 thoughts on “Trust: The most essential part of our life…”

  1. You write very well. And you are intelligent and positive. I wish you the best in life. As for trust, I used to trust people. But not anymore. In fact, there’s not a single being in the entire realm of reality that I trust. Not a single one. But I forgive my enemies when they let me, and I love people as much as I can, when they let me. And there are many times when I am happy. But I will no longer, ever, ever, trust anyone again. Ever. I hope you never find out why. And I say that with love.


      1. because I haven’t met anyone I could really trust, yet, and I’m 42. Also, there are many people who take advantage of the young. I’m a christian, and recently found out that a minister that I had read often, who sounded like a good but strict person was into child pornography. That had little bearing on my current situation, but it reminded me that you never know another person until you know them… Better to love and hope and be kind, than to trust, in my opinion. so I wish you the best.


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