Romancing With Rain…

Hi readers! It’s really been a long time, I haven’t posted. So today, I am up with my newest article, “Romancing  With Rain…”

You must have got the idea that about what my article would be! Yes, it is on monsoon and how we romance with the rain…

Monsoon is the season I love the most! There are plenty of reasons to prove that! 😉  The monsoon comes after summer. It brings relief from hot summer days. This season begins in the middle of June and lasts till September. During this season the sky is overcast and masses of clouds move about. Sometimes with rains there are storms, lightning and thunder too. A drop of rain falls upon my head. I look into the sky. Drops turn into showers and showers in downpours and the rainy season now sets in. Almost daily in the afternoons especially, the sky is overcast with grey or dark clouds. The cool wind begins to blow. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it does not, sometimes the clouds hover in the sky even in the morning and at night. It rains in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and during nights. The thunder and the lightening amidst the clouds make the nights horribly dark.

The monsoon season is a blessing for the farmers across the country as well as for agriculture. Farmers across the country await the monsoons as the monsoons rains are very important for the growth of crops. During the monsoon the fields, crops, trees and plants come alive. The whole of nature comes to life in a ‘sea of green’ during the monsoons. It is vital that the rains come in time or else delayed monsoons may cause drought; and farming also gets affected. Despite modern methods of farming, the monsoon rains are a reservoir for the farmers and his fields, which inturn is the source of our sustenance. A variety of plants, vegetables and crops grow in the monsoons. Beautiful flowers also blossom in this time. Dry rivers are filled by the rains that are a source of water for many across the country.

Everyone enjoys rain! A kid just jumps in the rain and keeps splashing and dancing in there. It’s a very much romantic season for the couples. Imagine driving slowly on the highway with very little light, and raindrops falling on your car and pausing in the middle of nowhere to sip ginger tea. All this with your significant other sitting beside you. Blissful! isn’t it? There are many times when you just want to sit with your partner and savor the silence. Monsoon is an excellent time to experience this. If you’re having a balcony or a garden, make some tea and grab some cookies and sit back relax. The sound of rain, the birds chirping and that glittery green around you will definitely give you and your partner a romantic high… It is an very invigorating experience for the ones who experiences it. Many times your relationship loses its spark, this is the season to recreate the magic. You can recall your first hug, first date, first kiss and make more memories to last a lifetime. Believe it or not, there is no better season of love than Monsoon… ❤ ❤ .GardenOfEden

I also love the monsoon on hilly areas with cascading waterfalls, lush greenery and soulful roads with tinkling sound of raindrops. I guess all the peace and silence we want, we get in this period. One of the nature’s best wonders that I’ve ever seen! On the whole the blessings of the monsoons surpasses it curses and disadvantages.The entire life cycle on earth is connected to the monsoons. Thus the coming of the monsoons heralds a message of creation; and the aroma of rain in air brings us back to life after the scorching and relentless heat of the summer. Also, today is one the happiest day of my life as today’s my 1st anniversary on WordPress! Feeling far far awesome in the blissful season! Stay Blessed and Stay Happy monsoon

Published by: Vijit Malviya

Hello twinkling stars! Welcome to Stars of Life! As we glance the sparkling stars at night, we learn a big lesson from them everyday. They teach us that even if you are in great darkness, you have to keep shining bright! If suppose, there is no star in the sky, don't worry it has just hidden behind the clouds and they are waiting for you to clear it out. Similarly, we have to ignite a certain star like this in our lives which has been hidden behind our soul. Its we who have to find it out and shine like a Star even in the difficult phases of our life! For any queries and for motivation public speaking sessions, contact me at Mobile number - 7774966838 Email -

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12 thoughts on “Romancing With Rain…”

  1. This is a very interesting take on “Rain”. Unfortunately for me I live in a Country (Uganda) that almost never rains. However the imagery in your writing makes me reminisce about my life back in England whenever it would be raining. Great read. Kindly check out my work on

    Please note I’ve only been on WordPress 3 days. But do share your thoughts. Regards.


    1. Thank you very much! It must be very difficult for you as well as the people in your nation to live without Showerings of Rain…. Thank you once again, and yes I’ll surely visit your page! 🙂


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