Friendship? Or Something Else?

Is it more important to love … or to be loved?

Most of us would agree with George Eliot’s words, “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.”

Valentines Day is approaching and the whole world is excited about it. This is the month of romance for couples and to show their love and affection for their loved ones. So, for this amazing and romantic month, I’ll like narrate a tale of two friends. A tale which will completely depict the love between both of them, but their certain situations and circumstances won’t let them to be together. I’ll depict the type of conversations they had, the fun, all the craziness between both of them and much more. Here I go,

Rian and Vriya are two best friends, they are like their soul mates to each other. Their friendship was initiated through a friend of them. They both met through their common friend and hence, days passed, their friendship went deeper and deeper. Vriya used to call him ‘Shinchan’ (a naughty and a funny cartoon character). Yeah, most of us know him how he is. Rian too loved to be get teased from her. Their bonding was getting stronger day by day. She used to call him ‘Kanha’ (A Hindu God was very loving and mischievous, loved and worshiped by millions of people). She called him by these names because she knew he was like them and just teased him all the time. If Rian was seen with any other girl, then she used to get hell jealous. She wouldn’t let him to be with any other girl.

Soon, Rian too started to get the same feelings for her like she had. Rian used to call her ‘Radhe’ (Known to be as girlfriend of Lord Krishna) and Juliet and by many more names. Rian used to get upset like that only to tease Vriya and she used to react like a sweet and cute girl that moment. They used to have talks on their likes and dislikes of music, movies and much more. Whenever their song played on TV or else, they used to text them immediately. They were completely engrossed in each other now.

They both were creating a place for each other in their life. If they don’t talk even for a day, then the way they’re upset and get curious about how their day’s spent, is beyond beautiful for me to express it. Yes, they started loving each other, they knew that it’s time to take a step forward in their friendship and move ahead in their life. Vriya loved him so much, but she feared whether Rian must be loving her or not. The same was with Rian, he loved her, but feared whether Vriya too loved him or not. One day, like that only in general talks, as a challenge, Rian proposed Vriya. Though, it was a challenge only for a name, the feelings through which he proposed were real. Vriya was shocked to have such blissful proposal like that from him. And moments later, she confessed. “Yes, Yes, Yes I love you. I don’t care if its a challenge or a reality, I love you” were the words of Vriya. This sentence made Rian go on cloud nine and this galvanized him. He was like the luckiest guy on this planet to have a girl like her. Later, after this great response, Rian too confessed his love to her.

Now they were the cutest couple in the city. They loved each other so much that words may fall short to express it. But, it’s been said, Love has to go through hardships and certain problems and so they did. Something happened which shouldn’t have happened. Vriya started fearing, she started being scared of commitment as well of her family. But, she overcame those obstacles. Later, one day, Rian said that it’s better to be just being friends rather than to be in a relationship. Vriya was shocked and stunned by this line of Rian. She cried a lot and asked him,” what’s the matter and what happened suddenly?, what’s the problem?, why cant we be together?” Rian too came up with tears and later answered her questions. “Vriya I don’t want you to hurt, I don’t want you face a bad phase in future, I want you to be happy and cheerful all the time. I don’t want you to go through a tough phase because of me.”

“What? What are you saying Rian, be clear. What happened?” Vriya asked.

“I have Leukaemia, a type of cancer. And I am the middle stage of it. I was getting some unusual symptoms from past weeks and when I had the test, the result shook me and your face came to my mind. I don’t want you to face problems ahead because of me. Its better we go on our on way, or rather be just friends. “ Rian said.

The sentences pronounced, stunned Vriya, still, and she begged that she’ll do anything for him and will take care of him because she loves him more than herself. But, Rian didn’t listen to her and made her convince that there’s a better life without him, still, Vriya refused to listen him. Vriya cried a lot and was depressed in myriad. Rian was doing this by keeping a stone in his heart, he didn’t wanted to lose her, she was her life, his motive of living, but for her benefit, he had to do this. Soon, Rian went abroad for his treatment and lost all the contact with Vriya. Here, Vriya used to stay lonely all the time in wait of him and she used to think that the reason for getting separate is something else and Rian is hiding it. It was still unclear. But, there miles abroad Rian used to keep remembering her all the time….

Here, I know that this is something common, but the way they loved each other was very beautiful and lavish. Taking my view, Love is something which is the most salient part of our life. And I believe that it can overcome any obstacle that passes their way. And in this situation, I believe and think that they should have been together. By seeing them, their talks, their love for each other, They must’ve been together. If they had their hand in hand, I am sure that they would have surpassed all the problems in their life cheerfully, but destiny had written something else I guess.   So readers, I want to ask you, were they made to stay together or stay apart? Everyone has its own opinion and so do I agree with all of them.  Quote-about-love-and-life-quotes-love-quotes-life-quotes-and

And, A Very Happy Valentine to all of you!


Published by: Vijit Malviya

Hello twinkling stars! Welcome to Stars of Life! As we glance the sparkling stars at night, we learn a big lesson from them everyday. They teach us that even if you are in great darkness, you have to keep shining bright! If suppose, there is no star in the sky, don't worry it has just hidden behind the clouds and they are waiting for you to clear it out. Similarly, we have to ignite a certain star like this in our lives which has been hidden behind our soul. Its we who have to find it out and shine like a Star even in the difficult phases of our life! For any queries and for motivation public speaking sessions, contact me at Mobile number - 7774966838 Email -

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