A Turning Point!

Hello Readers!
I’m Vijit Malviya, the Author of Stars Of Life. Till now, I’ve conveyed the essentials of life and it’s various branches in my articles. Like on Acceptance, Friendship, Love, Music, Worship, and other influencing articles. I thank all the people who went through them and complimented. I thank all my readers who supported me till here with their heartfelt comments. But, I’m going to make few changes over my cuisine of writings. I’m not going to make another page or address a new website for that, it’s going to be as just the way it was before.

As I’ve told above, that I’ve been writing on motivational and influencing writings, I’m going to divert my path a little bit over here. I guess from now on, my blogs would be based on reality, the currents affairs, criticism on some serious issues and much more related to that. That can be linked to Lifestyle, Science, Politics, Cyber issues or relating to Information Technology. And, besides with writings on the currents affairs, I’ll be depicting stories as well. Stories like on friendship, love, humanity and a lot more topics allied to that. In between, Influencing articles can be written as well.

Significance of Writing on Current Affairs and Reality

 Current affairs play an important part in our lives. Their main function lies in educating us and making us a more knowledgeable being. It is our knowledge of the current affairs that decides how well we understand the world and our approach towards the same. A person who has a better understanding of the world can deal with the problems in a better manner. Also, it is very important to gain knowledge on different areas, and not only confine it to a specific field of knowledge Current Affairs that stand for a record and analysis of worldwide incidents over the last few years has taken the world by storm establishing its significance in all circles. All social beings are bound to be affected by Current Affairs in various ways. The rise of a the world as a global village and increasing competition in the job sector where an aspirant is judged by the knowledge of his surrounding resulted in creating an indomitable role of Current Affairs in the our everyday life. Writing and analyzing your own expressions for some kind of news or issues, boosts confidence in yourself and as well as improves our sense of writing and criticizing to some extent.

Significance of Story Writing

Stories are also useful for teaching more complex ideas, such as the importance of sharing, the passage of time, compassion for others. They can be useful when trying to explain traumatic events, such as family break-ups and bereavement.Fiction based on real-life can also help humans with their own life experience – it shows them how diverse the world is and that some people’s lives are vastly different to theirs. Reading stories can be helpful for relaxation, before bedtime for example. They allow humans to forget the stresses and strains of the day and indulge in fantasy for a while. The soothing familiarity of a much-loved story, plus the sense of security that time spent reading together can foster, all help the person to relax. And what’s so great about learning through stories is that the process is done in a natural way. There’s no actual teaching involved at all, they learn from simply reading the story.  My stories would be on, like I said before, on friendship, love, thriller, humanity, horror, etc. These types of stories can help build interest of reading for the reader and creates an atmosphere of excitement to finish it till the end. I just hope that you’ll like my storiesstorytelling-night

So readers,

I’m gonna take my little time off from here and work on the brand new phase of Stars of Life.
I’m thankful to God who gifted me with this sense of writing articles and all.
I hope you people will enjoy your time over here while going through my new blogs.

Stay Tuned!
Vijit Malviya
Author at- Stars of Life



5 thoughts on “A Turning Point!”

  1. All the Best Vijit for your new journey on this blog. I hope you are able to turn this blog into the one that you really wish to. I wish this blog gains more popularity and more amazing readers than before.

    Looking forward to the new genre of posts you are going to publish.

    Good Luck

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well,.I feel the same, because those writing those types of articles are my real strength! I hope I could bring my influencing messages directly or indirectly in my new posts especially in stories!

        Liked by 1 person

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