Think And Win Like Dhoni

Ms Dhoni is a man who has Midas touch and thus doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of the greatest in the history of cricket! The best gift that is given in 21st century to India is a man like Ms Dhoni. He is 34 now and has huge following all over the world! His legend has been growing enormously!
Hailing from the small city of Ranchi – the capital of Jharkhand, the Indian cricket team’s limited-overs captain started out as just another youngster trying to make a name for himself in the game, which can often be mistaken for a religion in India. He struggled first in domestic cricket but finally got his break through in the international cricket and became one of the greatest player of all time. Under his captaincy, we brought 2007 ICC T20 World Cup, 2011 ODI World Cup(which was brought after 28 years) and became the No. 1 test side in his last few years before his retirement. He is known for his unique batting style, his helicopter shot, his captaining styles and the most important, his perseverance!
Whatever the situation is, his calm nature has always helped the team! He is also known by “Captain Cool”.
Now, a Computer Science graduate from India, who chose to follow her dreams and motivate people is now just few weeks away from her debut book launch, ‘Think and Win Like Dhoni” which is now Amazon’s current bestseller of all time! She is also a motivational speaker and gives power talks at various organizations!

I am talking about Sfurti Sahare, the author of the book which takes a closer look at the reasoning behind MS Dhoni’s impromptu and intuitive decision making.  From her recent interview with Sportskeeda, she said the book is “about 5 things which Dhoni has, which make him exceptional; everybody, be it a celebrity or a regular working class person, would benefit from it.”

“It is a completely motivational book. A pure self-help book, which can help anybody and it is dedicated to the youth because I want people to follow their passion. I am a computer engineer and I have switched to something which I love, and I am enjoying my life so much. If I had not taken this step, I would have never known that I could be an author,” Sahare adds.

The book is scheduled for a 6th July launch, one day ahead of MS Dhoni’s 35th birthday.

In a candid conversation with Sportskeeda, the motivational speaker revealed that it was an incident a few years ago, when she found out how effective following Dhoni’s ideologies and his thinking process could prove to be when applied to daily life.

Sfurti is miffed by people stereotyping Dhoni as the ‘lucky one’ and instead insists the naysayers to accept that the Indian captain is extraordinary and has an exceptional mind. She revealed that following the World Cup winning six, the Indian captain captured her imagination and she started observing him to understand how he reacted to certain situations.

This will be a great book to read and I’m really looking forward up to it. Please readers, do read this book, it will help you out on how to react on certain situations! I want you people to share my this bog as far as you can. Please share the images of the book and recommend people to read it. Your such efforts will mean a lot. You can also check out this YouTube video and share it till you can and can ask people to promote this to their network.

Thanking in you in anticipation,
Team And Volunteering for the book,
Think and Win Like Dhoni By Sfurti Sahare!

-Vijit Malviya


Published by: Vijit Malviya

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