Always by your side…

Hey baby!
I love you. Well I’m so drowned deep into you now that I all is see is just black without. I feel like I lost my vision. You give me immense joy and happiness due to which this whole world seems so colorful for me. I can’t live even a little moment without you. It’s all because of your love, all because of your care that I’m here. Without seeing smile on your face, my day won’t start. Without hearing your cute voice, my nights won’t get over. I know that we have a lot of differences as our caste, age, cities but above all you know it’s love which all really counts. Even you know that though we have a lot of differences, the range of similarities is so high that it’s impossible for other couples to reach there. I’m glad I have you in my life. And I’m proud that you’re only my life.
Our love is pure like diamond. And it’s the people who always want that. But when they don’t get it, they try to break it. There will be people who would be against us, won’t support us or even try to tear us apart, but I know that we don’t have to worry about it at all. Because it’s not going to affect us at all. You just said it yesterday that you finally agreed to the phase that “Such pairs are only made by God(Rab ne Bana Di Jodi)” Baby you have no idea how blessed I feel when see you happy. I’m proud to call you mine. According to the vedas, it’s said that to prove that your love is true, you have to walk on fire for that. If this needs at some point ahead in life, I will do it. Yes we know we have less time, but trust me, I will do it. I will do everything it takes to be together. Baby, I always wanna see you happy okay, even if I’ll breath or not. You’re my life na so please I never want to lose that sweet smile on your face because that’s reason of my smile. Baccha my life has been a heaven with you and So I want it for the rest of my life. I’m just not able to express in words how much I love you, I really can’t. And I can do anything for your happiness. Anything! If it takes my breath away, I’ll do it. But don’t worry, my soul will always tease you and love you forever. You’re my princess. People will come and will speak against us but when they will realize how truly we love each other, I’m sure they won’t leave without giving us blessings. I love you Baby! I love you! And I will always do! I’ll always be by your side, you don’t have to worry or fear of anything. I’m there with you…
*A tight hug for you*

Published by: Vijit Malviya

Hello twinkling stars! Welcome to Stars of Life! As we glance the sparkling stars at night, we learn a big lesson from them everyday. They teach us that even if you are in great darkness, you have to keep shining bright! If suppose, there is no star in the sky, don't worry it has just hidden behind the clouds and they are waiting for you to clear it out. Similarly, we have to ignite a certain star like this in our lives which has been hidden behind our soul. Its we who have to find it out and shine like a Star even in the difficult phases of our life! For any queries and for motivation public speaking sessions, contact me at Mobile number - 7774966838 Email -

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