Life: The most Exciting Puzzle Ever…


Laugh, Live and Smile, who knows you won’t have another morning? Life is just a real puzzle where you have no idea which and what turn will lead you to. Imagine a puzzle, where all the pieces seem the same, and yet they all have their small differences – shape, size, a dot here and there. Such little differences and yet you can’t build the puzzle until you recognize both them and the similarities. When you finally do, you are ready to start building and piece by piece the picture starts to form. Piece by piece you match and you create and yet you can’t see the picture yet.

Life is that puzzle. The pieces are the infinite possibilities you have; the choice you make to combine one piece with another is the choices you make in life. The pieces that don’t match are the mistakes. You build, and you wait to see the picture.

After a while the pieces become more different from each other. That is because you have started learning more and more, and with each piece the picture changes more and more. Periodically you get curious and you take a step back and you look at the picture that is starting to form in front of you. That is the reflection every one of us makes and has to make. We reflect upon our decisions, our mistakes and no matter what; I say that we have to be positive. No matter how strange that picture is, no matter how many colors change, and how out of nowhere it all goes in another direction. No matter how many flaws there are, you still have a picture and by having what you have, you can later on make better decisions and less mistakes and the next time when you take a step back, it will be more beautiful and those little flaws will be the things that make it so.

While you are building that puzzle you will come across a very strange piece. That piece will be so different from the ones you have seen that at first you will think that it doesn’t fit anywhere, but time will pass and you will find the perfect piece to fit – you will find the other half. The first piece – that is you and the second piece is the person you will spend the rest of your life with. The second piece is the one you always seemed to be searching for, whether you realized it or not. That piece will change the whole picture. And the next time you reflect, you will have, not just a perfect picture – you will have a masterpiece. Many times because of the influences and burden of other pieces, it’s you that move that piece away from you. But if you know yourself well, and importance and love of the second piece, that won’t affect you at all. Those pieces that may put you under that burden maybe named as your own family, cast, or religion or age, any of them. But it’s you who is determined and dedicated towards the second piece, the person you love. And when you connect with them, yes it’s truly a masterpiece.

To some it might not seem that way. Many critiques may say that it’s boring, they will find it unexciting and unappealing. But what do you care what the critiques say? It is not any less perfect to you.

When the time comes and you put the last piece in place you will reflect one last time. That is probably what people define as ‘seeing your life flash before your eyes’. You see the picture that you made and I am sure that there will be one piece that catches your attention first. That will be the piece that is seemingly split in half, the piece that fits right in the middle of the picture. That is love, because love is what we all live for. You start from there and view piece by piece in a spiral of emotions and activities, from the center out until your vision stops on the very last one and you smile You are not going to be in this puzzle again, you get it once, so live and do what your heart says. I’m sure you won’t leave without any regret out there. Stay happy! Stay Blessed!Puzzle-1


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