Keep Your Head Held High!

During a research experiment, a marine biologist placed a shark into a large holding tank and then released several small bait fish into the tank.

As you would expect, the shark quickly swam around the tank, attacked and ate the smaller fish.

The marine biologist then inserted a strong piece of clear fiber glass into the tank, creating two separate partitions. She then put the shark on one side of the fiber glass and a new set of bait fish on the other.

Again, the shark quickly attacked. This time, however, the shark slammed into the fiber glass divider and bounced off. Undeterred, the shark kept repeating this behavior every few minutes to no avail. Meanwhile, the bait fish swam around unharmed in the second partition. Eventually, about an hour into the experiment, the shark gave up.

This experiment was repeated several dozen times over the next few weeks. Each time, the shark got less aggressive and made fewer attempts to attack the bait fish, until eventually the shark got tired of hitting the fiber glass divider and simply stopped attacking altogether.

The marine biologist then removed the fiber glass divider, but the shark didn’t attack. The shark was trained to believe a barrier existed between it and the bait fish, so the bait fish swam wherever they wished, free from harm.

Many of us, after experiencing setbacks and failures, emotionally give up and stop trying. Like the shark in the story, we believe that because we were unsuccessful in the past, we will always be unsuccessful. In other words, we continue to see a barrier in our heads, even when no ‘real’ barrier exists between where we are and where we want to go.

Life is a race which is all about winning. But winning is not only the end point. In life, we should understand no one has ever made great achievements in the first day. In our life we should wait with patience just keep performing our best. Hard work pays. So we shouldn’t be disheartened by getting failure. Life’s a long journey we’re the one who’s riding the bike on it. If we’re passing from scribbled road doesn’t mean we’ll never face a smooth path. We would have heard these lines,

Setbacks are stepping-stones to Success’
How many of us has succeeded in what we try in the first attempt? Not many. This proves that success cannot be attained in one day. There are exceptions where success can be achieved easily. But when it comes to a competitive task or a tough task it takes a lot of patience and needs many attempts to bring success to our side. We would have heard about the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison. His success story is really inspiring. Edison on his experiments to refine the light bulb failed 1000 times. But his attitude was simply great. He confidently said, “I didn’t fail 1000 times. I found 1000 ways of how not to make a light bulb”. In life what matters is our attitude. If we give up easily, we cannot taste the flavors of Success. It takes a year for a tree to give a tasty fruit. Similarly, it will take time to make success. If we want to win in life we should not stop till we get what we are looking for. The only that helps us to make an achievement is self-confidence. If we believe that we can make wonders, we will. So we should believe in ourselves before expecting others to believe or support us. When life gives thousand reasons to quit, just give yourself one more reason to fight back to build your way towards glory. The problem is that we give up after being suffered by failure. And we form an imaginary barrier of constant failure in front of us which doesn’t let us to step into the shoes which leads to success. Ladies and gentleman, Rome was not built-in day! You’ll have to strive hard for it and make yourself believe that you can do it and just vanish of imaginary mirror of problems. There’s a dialogue from a Bollywood movie, “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” which is like

“Mai udna chahta hoon,
Daudna chahta hoon,
Girna bhi chahtoon hoon
Bas rukh na nahi chahta”

Which in English it’s like,

“I want to fly,
I want to run,
I even want to fall as well
But I don’t want to stop!” 6ec7d7194fc9379b2cd848649b356a65

This one quote has inspired me a lot and I hope that so will it inspire you to proceed in your life. And that’s what is it people, just live your life, do whatever you wanna do man, just don’t lose the hope!

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