The 3 D’s !

Couple of days back I was at the Marine Drive, where the pure and cold winds and pleasing sound of sea were healing my soul and just make you dive into this heavenly moment! The city lights came to life when the twilight appeared. It was a splendid scenario. And then I took off my mobile in order to capture such a beautiful picturesque view. As I was clicking the pictures, a guy came from nowhere running and gave me a side dash. That shook me indeed. Then the guy apologized to me and said,

“I’m sorry, I was just playing with my daughter. Anyway, that was some good grip. Thank God you’ve held your mobile tightly otherwise it would had been a meal for the sea!”

Well, the moment he said that, the beautiful scenario and the winds set me into my work. That statement made me do the thinking and what I learned from it is that if you’re determined and dedicated and disciplined towards your goal, not even the biggest jerk can cause any sort of problem while chasing it. Yes it will shake you, but that will just make you to hold it tighter than before.

What is this 3D? Determination, Dedication and Discipline?3d

Determination, Dedication, and Discipline are the three D’s in Success Programming.  These programming tools evolve from the conditioning from the last stages of the success formula.  Some people have and discover them from something else they did; others find them easy and use them to their advantage, some never observe their value, ignore them and ultimately fail at what they are trying to achieve. These tools are extremely powerful and developing them will have major impact on your success.  If there is one thing that anyone who has ever participated in a lifestyle that incorporates exercise, diet and supplements for the long period of time is they all use the mental sharpness and focus from these three tools.  Everything in your life becomes easy when you develop these tools so use them on a regular basis.

. “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” With the knowledge attained from his successful football career, Vince Lombardi bestows these words of wisdom. Success in life is hard work. It is difficult to balance all the aspects of our lives as we strive to find joy and success in each activity. Between academic endeavors, vocational pursuits, and familial obligations, life can become hard to handle. However, there is a secret to bringing more harmony and organization to everyday undertakings. Here it is; in order to balance school, work, and family, one must have discipline, determination, and dedication

Dedication, determination and discipline is when you absolutely love something, doing whatever it takes to keep pursuing your goal. Dedication, determination and discipline is having the passion for a certain thing. Dedication is not just being good at something, it is being great. In order to be good at something, you have to be dedicated to it. Dedication, determination and discipline leads you to success. Without the 3D’s to something, you will never succeed. It is trying the impossible, just so you can be the best. When you are focused, you don’t care about the parties, or going out with your friends; you will stay at home on a Saturday night just to practice your form. When you sweat, you don’t care because you know you have done the best you can do. Everyone has that one thing that they are dedicated and determined to. Whether it is a sport, or an activity, there is one thing you’ve done since you were little.
Never give up people, grow stronger. Those jerks, those setbacks are only to make you more determined towards reaching your


10 thoughts on “The 3 D’s !”

  1. Your writing is very inspiring.Every sentence is beautifully written.Today only I came across your writing in Hindu news paper .The article was mind blowing about positive perseverance is the key to overcome setbacks in your life.It completely relates to my present situation.Thank you so much for doing this wonderful job of inspiring and motivating others.🙏🙏

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    1. Thank you so much Ma’am. I’m glad this inspired you. And also, thank you for taking out your precious time to read this one and also the one published in The Hindu. Without positive perspective, the road would be very difficult to pass ahead.
      I’m glad that my words are being helpful for others. 😊


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