We Create Miracles!

Lord Krishna was once gazing out the world from above and he thought why not to take a trip down and live a day amongst people. He took the avatar of a common man and initiated his journey.
With a bag pack on his back, cap on his head and with a broad smile on his face roamed around the places. People around considered him as some traveller. He made his feet stop at a General Store in order buy himself some cold drink.
“Ah I needed a can of coke.” Krishna said.
The shopkeeper nodded to his demand while watching some news about corruption and politics.
“God knows when there will be end to corruption now.” While giving Lord Krishna he continues
“I don’t understand that there is so much corruption, terrorism, cruel politics and evil deeds happening around the world, why doesn’t God send some angel or take a birth himself to terminate all these things.”
Lord Krishna was amused with this statement of the Shopkeeper and with a smile he answers
“My dear friend, God sent you for that purpose only, what did you do?
Lord Krishna blinked at him, took the can and left. The shopkeeper was left speechless and later agreed to his point and hence made a decision that he will give his best to make a difference in the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is hence proved that, “God doesn’t do any miracles, WE DO!”
We were born to make a difference, to bring a change and to spread happiness around by being selfless. Many times we want something to happen, we wish to do something in order to battle against anomalies present around, but unfortunately. for the sake of own self, we forget about it soon. This goes on a recurring basis in the heart of every single individual, but like the popular saying goes, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

A lot of things have gone wrong in our world already, things are going wrong under our very noses and things will go wrong in the near future, but you could be that change the world has long anticipated. Corruption, child labour and abuse, acts of violence against girls and women, negligence of girl child education and subsequent forced marriage are things we see in our everyday lives. We have got to take that bold step and be a light to this dark world, an eye to the blind, an ear to the deaf, a voice to the dumb and a source of strength to those living with disabilities These errors could be tackled only if we are poised to speak out at every given instance. We have the power to change the world.

There is also a point where we start blaming others for the misfortunes happenings around. We don’t tend to take that responsibility in order do create a miracle. Step into the shoes and make believe that miracles do happen and they create them. Blaming others and circumstances is an easy way of not taking the responsibility. This results in showing how coward you are. Hence, it is also the most effective way of losing control of one’s life. It is true that uncertainty isn’t easy to experience, but we do need to know how and what will it take to find a solution to that problem. In order to create a miracle, we need to make others the reason of problem and giving yourself the feeling that yes, you have resolved the problem. You have to just let go the disease of blaming others and hence try to focus on making things better.

And to bring that miracle, we need to make a commitment. A commitment is the action step, the push to get you through the difficult times. No matter what you decide to do, you have to commit yourself to it. Even if it is inviting someone else to sit with you at lunch. When you see a person sitting alone at lunch, you want to make their experience at lunch positive. Therefore, you choose invite them to sit with you at lunch. But then all these thoughts come rushing into your head, and when you look around yourself, everyone seems to be glaring at you in a weird and awkward way. Just for a stupid reason like that, you decide not to go through that situation. That is why you need commitment. So you could tell yourself “this is what I want to see happen”. You will need to put all your effort and thought into making it happen, but you can do it. If you want it bad enough, you will not allow anyone to get into your way. That is what commitment means; to give all your effort and thought into creating a miracle you want to see, happen, take place.

Lastly, “To create miracles” means to notice what is happening around is us and to take powerful, solid steps towards constructing the life and world of our imaginations. Seeing the miracle you want to happen will take much of your effort of wanting, choosing, and committing your actions to stand for what is right.

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