Lock-Down For A Better Life! :)

Feels sick being under house arrest right? Though you know that it’s going to save the lives of people around. 

Manier times, life puts us in very strange scenarios where you don’t have a choice left to deal with and just keep moving forward with what’s best for business (life). The moment this virus kept dispersing in the world, people were strictly asked to be within their homes and not to move out. Lockdowns took place and somewhat it started helping the number to get reduced. 

We are tired, afraid, stressed and fed up of being unable to step out. But one thing which has come out the best because of the virus spread is the world has finally become one place. Humanity has started winning over every little discrimination. Nature has started to heal itself with fresh and pure air. The Ozone layer which had started depleting, is also now band  aiding itself up. One bad thing has opened the doors for a lot of good things to arrive.

Similarly, there are such viruses out there, because of which you start to disrupt yourself. They can be found in the avatars of stress, failure, depression, loneliness, etc. 

These viruses can be more deadly than what the present one is doing. Stress and Depression can mentally kill a person leading to suicidal situations also simply ruin the environment around him. They detach themselves from society and people and initiate dismantling of their own lives. But we can cope with such viruses if we have the perfect antidote for it, which we have fortunately namely hope, optimism, perseverance, determination and a five lettered word, smile. And these antidotes will only work once when we will keep ourselves in lockdown or in isolation. 

Surely you will get irritated and more upset over being under such lockdown but it will open the doors leading to happiness and smiles. Depression does no good to our lives but gives us the silver lining of overcoming the bad times in life, because every bad phase fades off teaching a life lesson which helps you progress ahead in life. The isolation period is meant to safeguard ourselves from all the negative thoughts which keep pouring in. To give your mind the moments of relaxation and peace. This helps in understanding the ways of how you can defeat that anxiety which roams around you to destroy you. 

So what exactly do you have to do being under lockdown or being in isolation to seal the boundaries of a virus called depression? 

Change your perception. From thinking that it isn’t working out, think on how it can work out in different ways if one is not being the perfect solution. You have to glance at different sides of the problem so that you can receive the solution in a better way. Think for a moment about a bee. A bee settling on a flower has stung a boy. And the boy dreads bees and says the object of the bee is to sting people. A philosopher admires the bee, sipping honey from the cup of the flower, and says the object of the bee is to sip the nectar of the flower. A beekeeper says the object of the bee is to gather honey. Another beekeeper, who has studied bees more closely, says the object of the bee is to gather honey to feed the young ones, and to rear a queen, and to perpetuate the race. The botanist believes the object of the bee is to fertilize the pistil of the flower. Another sees the hybridization of plants and believes the object of the bee is to contribute to that end. So one thing has multiple lookouts, similarly one problem has to have multiple faces to understand the better solution. There are a plethora of ways to view anything. Instead of continually convincing yourself everything is hopeless, consider all the other options. There is always a Plan B. 

Happy Memories are meant to be cherished!

To overcome the virus, at times you have to visualise happy memories that you cherished in the past. Because in the times being under isolation, you make a way for the painful memories to pour in and ruin yourself more in depression. It’s you who can stop those and think of the happy memories that always bring a smile on your face. Those memories whenever remembered, can heal the best out of you. For example, remember the day of your graduation,where you  looked out at the audience and saw your family looking so proud, you felt amazing and powerful. Start reliving more such kinds of memories which make you feel powerful and proud of yourself. Soon your state of mind will go from being slumped to peacock proud. The moment you feel yourself sliding back to an awful memory that takes you under, take a breath and instantly conjure up  graduation day. Counter the gloom with an immediate dose of positivity! 

You have to start revisiting the good things about you and make yourself believe that your life is worth living. Usually in the state of depression you will feel like you are a coward, you are boring, you don’t have any reason to breathe. But once you start thinking about the things which defined the good side of yours, you will start rejuvenating. You will think upon the good qualities that you have, might be like being kind, caring, witty, a wonderful dad, proud mother, etc. Start building up the list and note down all those good attributes about yourself. The next step will be “to compile, print out the list and carry it in your wallet like a talisman.” For extra inoculation against the constant negativity, write positive qualities on post-its and sprinkle them around the house: stick “I have gorgeous eyes” on the bathroom vanity, place “I’m reliable” on the refrigerator and so on. You are what you ‘feed’ yourself spiritually speaking. Exchange the “everything I hate about myself” mantra to “all the qualities that make me a special, unique, lovable person.

The lockdown period has to end at some point, start making plans for ahead. When a person is depressed the only place he or she wants to be is in bed, preferably under the covers with the shades drawn. It’s a catch-22 that when you are depressed the last thing you feel like doing is getting out of the house. But it’s essential to  make the effort to take a shower, get dressed, take a walk, go to the gym, and socialize. Make plans for venturing out from the four walls around you. Plan yourself a trip to your dream destination, join some classes which you always just wished for, make your hobbies count and start living. The more you start involving in such things, the more you will feel uplifted.

The moment you come out of the lockdown you put on yourself, you will start earning the feels of being jubilant, jovial, exuberant and happy. Directly or indirectly, hope, optimism, perseverance, determination turn out to be actually the medicines to defeat the virus. Let your imagination become your private refuge of positive thought. Use your creative imagination to get yourself to a state of feeling good, regardless of your external circumstances. This will activate the Law of Attraction, and it won’t be long before your external reality improves to match the pattern of your thoughts. Eventually your circumstances will become so good that simply noticing what you’re getting will make you feel terrific. Instead of the downward spiral of depression, you’ll shift your life onto the upward spiral of joy. Make your lock down turn out the best version of yourself. 

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